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Construction Progresses on Pueblo’s First Roofless Solar Facility

Black Hills 10-2

The first roofless community array in Pueblo, Colo. is under construction and progressing quickly. The 125 kilowatt (kW) shared solar facility is being developed by Clean Energy Collective (CEC) in partnership with Black Hills Energy, which serves 95,000 electric customers throughout southeastern Colorado. The Black Hills Energy Roofless Solar Array broke ground in early September. After installing the posts and the racking, ... Read More »

Referral Program Offers Broad Opportunities to Cash In

solar customers

Whenever Fort Collins resident Hartmut Renger meets a friend for coffee or has dinner with family, the topic of community solar will likely come up. Renger, a semi-retired anesthesiologist, purchased 20 solar electric panels in the Riverside Community Solar Array. Developed by Clean Energy Collective (CEC) in partnership with Fort Collins Utilities, the 620 kilowatt (kW) roofless solar facility allows ... Read More »

Texas Ranked 6th in Nation for Solar Job Growth

solar jobs

Job seekers pursuing careers in solar energy have a good chance of finding enticing opportunities in Texas. At the end of 2014, the Lone Star State employed 6,965 people in the solar industry, ranking it the 6th in the nation, according to The Solar Foundation’s Texas Solar Job Census. By the end of 2015, Texas solar employers predict that total will ... Read More »

Solar Energy Takes off in the Lone Star State

Austin Texas

The second largest state in the U.S., Texas leads the nation in total energy consumption—which isn’t surprising considering the 268,820 square miles it encompasses. Still, when compared to other states, Texas ranks among the top five for energy use per capita, illustrating its appetite for power. The good news is that the sunny Lone Star State is also experiencing rapid growth ... Read More »

New Roofless Community Solar Facility Comes Online in Aurora, Colo.

Tour of Aurora array

Clean Energy Collective (CEC), a pioneer in community shared solar development, announced it has interconnected the 500 kW Arapahoe/Aurora II Roofless Community Solar Array just east of Denver, making this the 12th project CEC has completed with Xcel Energy and the successful close-out of the initial 5.5 MW of capacity awarded for Colorado projects. Community shared solar, or Roofless Solar, ... Read More »

Shared Solar Meeting Massachusetts’ Demand for Clean Energy

Uxbridge solar array

There is clear evidence that community shared solar is heating up in Massachusetts, with increased capacity and growing demand across the commonwealth. Clean Energy Collective (CEC), the nation’s leading community solar developer, revealed today that 3 MW of solar PV facilities currently under construction in Uxbridge, Mass. are nearly 60% reserved, leaving only 1.2 MW of remaining capacity available to ... Read More »

What is Community Solar?


An increasingly-feasible option for both electricity users and utilities, community solar allows multiple customers to share the benefit from a centrally-located solar project. A community solar “garden” operates in the same manner as a community garden, where participants join together at a single location and “harvest” the sun’s energy. Because the production of solar power does not take place on ... Read More »

Colorado Ranks Among the Top for Wind Energy Jobs

wind energy in Colorado

With average wind speeds ranging from 13 to 27 mph, Colorado is ideal for wind power. In fact, the Centennial State leads the nation for wind power manufacturing jobs and was ranked among the top three states for wind energy employment, reports the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). More than 1,680 wind turbines blanket Colorado, working in the opposite manner ... Read More »

Clean Energy Collective Announces First-Mover Entry into New York Community Solar Market

New York City

Clean Energy Collective (CEC), pioneers of the community solar model and the nation’s leading shared solar developer, announced today it is taking the lead in offering New York ratepayers the ability to participate in solar generation through community shared solar projects. Development is already underway on more than a dozen project sites from the five boroughs of New York City ... Read More »

Mike and Donna Cooper

Mike Cooper

For 43 years, Mike Cooper hosted the morning show on KAYS-AM Radio. After retiring in 2011, Cooper turned his energy toward the sun—and vice versa. When he heard that Midwest Energy, his local utility cooperative, was partnering with community solar developer Clean Energy Collective (CEC) to build Kansas’ largest roofless solar facility, Cooper’s interest piqued. “We’re environmentally conscious,” the Hays ... Read More »