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Is it Solar’s Time to Shine in Iowa?

Photo courtesy of Iowa Energy Center

– ARTICLE BY JOE GARDYASZ OF BUSINESS RECORD — As Iowa  strives to become greener, focus is shifting to the potential for solar energy. A recent report by the Iowa Environmental Council suggests that Iowa could do far more to capitalize on the state’s solar energy potential. The report, “Real Potential, Ready Today: Solar Energy in Iowa,” found that Iowa ... Read More »

Is the ‘Shared Solar’ Movement Feasible in Shady Connecticut?

Photo by Jeda Villa Bali

– ARTICLE BY JAN ELLEN SPIEGEL OF THE CT MIRROR – Eugene DeJoannis stood behind his house one recent sunny morning and explained why it should be the perfect candidate for a solar electric system: “It has a nice, south-facing roof. It’s a simple roof. It has no obstructions on it.” There’s one problem. “We have a wall of trees,” he ... Read More »

Electric Cooperatives Recognized as Leaders through Community Solar

Photo by Vernon Electric Cooperative

Two rural electric cooperatives were first in their respective states to unveil the community-owned solar solution: Midwest Energy (MWE) in Kansas, and Vernon Electric (VEC) in Wisconsin. In partnership with Clean Energy Collective (CEC), the nation’s leading community solar developer, the two cooperatives have taken a lead role in providing the opportunity for their members to own panels in a ... Read More »

Solar Farms with Agave Plants Could Yield ‘Win-Win’ Energy Solution

agave for biofuel

– ARTICLE BY JIM ALGAR OF TECH TIMES – Solar farms that would “co-locate” carefully selected crop plants between rows of photovoltaic panels might produce an energy “win-win” yield of electricity and biofuel, researchers at Stanford University say. Computer models suggest the solution is ideal for sunny and arid regions in the U.S. Southwest, they say. “Co-located solar-biofuel systems could ... Read More »

Steve Child

Steve Child

Concerned about the effects of climate change from the excessive burning of fossil fuels, Pitkin County Commissioner Steve Child felt a responsibility to reduce his carbon footprint. He was interested in using solar energy, but the roof of his Snowmass, Colo. home had both shading and heavy snow issues. “Investing in a community solar project in a sunny location without ... Read More »

Robots Are Now Cleaning Solar Arrays

Image courtesy of Ecoppia

– ARTICLE BY TIM LOMBARDO OF ENGINGEERING.COM – Deserts are ideal locations for solar farms – they get a lot of sunshine and the land is relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, their arid nature means that a lot of sand flies around, and sand on a photovoltaic panel blocks valuable sunlight, decreasing its output. Depending on location and weather ... Read More »

Cia and Mark McKoy

The McKoys

Cia McKoy was satisfied with the rooftop solar array on her Carbondale, Colo. home and wanted to purchase solar for her rental properties.  “I found the price too high and the aesthetic options too ugly—the roofs couldn’t be used, so I would have had to erect panels on the ground, which would have been unsightly,” Cia said. It wasn’t until ... Read More »

Minnesota to Establish Nation’s First ‘Value-of-Solar’ Tariff

Photo by Bill Klotz of Finance & Commerce

– ARTICLE BY FRANK JOSSI OF FINANCE & COMMERCE –  Minnesota is about to become the first state in the country to establish a “value of solar” tariff that would introduce a new way to credit businesses and homes that sell their solar-generated energy to utilities. By a 3-2 vote, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in March agreed to a methodology that ... Read More »

Clean Energy Collective and La Plata Electric Association Energize Community-Owned Solar for Southern Colorado

Community-owned solar

Clean Energy Collective, the leading developer of community-based clean energy facilities, announced today it was selected by La Plata Electric Association (LPEA), a Touchstone Energy Cooperative, to develop a 500 kW community-owned solar garden. The agreement brings the highly popular community-owned solar solution to southern Colorado, including the towns of Durango and Pagosa Springs, supporting LPEA’s quest to reach 20 ... Read More »

Wisconsin Snaps Up Community Solar in Record Time

Westby, Wisconsin

Clean Energy Collective (CEC), the nation’s leading community-owned solar developer, revealed today that two weeks after announcing the development of the Vernon Electric Community Solar Farm—Wisconsin’s first community-owned solar PV facility— the 305 kW array has been fully reserved. Reservations for the 1,001-panel array, being developed in partnership with Vernon Electric Cooperative (VEC), a member of the Dairlyland Power Cooperative, ... Read More »