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Vermont Maple Sugarer is Sweet on Community Solar


– ARTICLE AND PHOTOS BY SUNCOMMON – Fairfield maple sugarer Harvey Bushey is planting a new crop on his farm, a community solar array. A longtime resident of Franklin County, Bushey has meticulously tended to his sugarbush by boiling sap every spring for his business, Log Cabin Maples. On a recent afternoon, Bushey and his wife, Mary, were found enjoying ... Read More »

Maine’s First ‘Community Solar’ Project Generating Green for Investors

Maine community solar

 – ARTICLE BY SUSAN SHARON OF MPBN NEWS –  The sun unexpectedly popped out in parts of Maine on what was forecast to be a rather gray and gloomy day. On Earth Day, it was especially welcomed by a small, but growing, number of people who are making a philosophical and financial commitment to solar power. Their own rooftops might not ... Read More »

South Suburban Park and Recreation District


Not only do community parks provide green space for recreation and leisure, they also increase property values, attract business, and offer gathering places for all social groups—enhancing the quality of life for local residents. The South Suburban Park and Recreation District is a special district in Colorado that provides recreational facilities and services for nearly 140,000 residents throughout south metro Denver. ... Read More »

Hays Arts Council Looks to the Sun to Make Art Available for All

HAC famous figures

From Amelia Earhart to Gandhi, fifth graders in Ellis County, Kansas dress as a famous figure of their choosing and present the impact their character has had on the world. The youth program is one of the most prominent, made possible by the Hays Arts Council. “To shave one’s head to become Ghandi, that’s a staggering level of commitment for a ... Read More »

Construction Begins on 1 MW Adams Community Solar Array


Construction has officially begun on Clean Energy Collective’s new 1 megawatt (MW) community-shared solar facility in northwestern Massachusetts. The Adams Community Solar Array serves residential and commercial ratepayers in National Grid’s service territory. As part of CEC’s SolarPerks™ program, subscribers can go solar without installing panels on their property and save instantly on their electric bills. Featuring highly efficient solar photovoltaic ... Read More »

Why Renewable Energy Is Becoming Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels

Lawrenceville NJ

– ARTICLE BY KLAUS TÖPFER OF THE INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED SUSTAINABILITY STUDIES – A silent revolution is under way. In November, Dubai announced the construction of a solar energy park that will produce electricity for less than $0.06 per kilowatt-hour – undercutting the cost of the alternative investment option, a gas or coal-fired power plant. The plant – which is expected to ... Read More »

Bronna Zlochiver

Bronna in Rwanda

Like many houses in rural Vermont, Bronna Zlochiver’s home is surrounded by trees. “I wanted to decrease my carbon footprint as much as possible but because I live on a mostly wooded lot, my home does not get enough sunlight to allow me to have solar panels here,” Bronna said. The Vernon, Vermont resident is not alone. In fact, the ... Read More »

Go Solar, Fight Childhood Cancer


In the United States, about one in every 285 children will be diagnosed with cancer before their 20th birthday. Lifestyle factors often take years to influence cancer risk, according to the American Cancer Society, making the prevention of childhood cancer especially difficult—if not impossible. One Mission, a Massachusetts nonprofit, is dedicated to enhancing the lives of pediatric cancer patients and their ... Read More »

California Is The First State To Get More Than 5 Percent Of Its Power From Large Solar Projects

California solar

– ARTICLE BY ARI PHILLIPS OF CLIMATE PROGRESS –  California led the nation in new solar power capacity last year, and new data shows it was the first state to get more than 5 percent of its annual electricity generation from large-scale solar projects producing more than one megawatt of power. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2014 utility-scale solar projects in California generated more ... Read More »

Clean Energy Collective Teams up with Morgan Stanley to Boost Solar Deployment in Massachusetts

Morgan Stanley

Clean Energy Collective (CEC), the nation’s leading community solar developer, and MS Solar Solutions Corp. (MSSS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS), have entered into a strategic development agreement to accelerate the expansion of community-shared solar across Massachusetts. The jointly owned entity created through this relationship combines CEC’s industry leading position in the community solar sector with the ... Read More »