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Patagonia Will Pay for Homeowners’ Solar Panels

Photo by Kina’ole Capital Partners

– ARTICLE BY CAROLINE WINTER OF BUSINESSWEEK –  Patagonia plans to use state and federal tax credits to invest $13 million in the construction of solar panels on 1,000 homes in Hawaii, turning the eco-conscious retailer into the financial backer of a green electrical utility. With the announcement on Wednesday, Patagonia hopes companies across America will follow suit with similar efforts. “Any ... Read More »

Impacts of Climate Change Becoming More Apparent

photo by Associated Press

From the thousands of walruses congregating on the beaches of Alaska to the changing behaviors of damselfish along the Australian Coast, climate change presents an imminent threat to species across the globe. Melting Glaciers Destroy Walrus Habitats Unable to find sea ice, a record number of walruses – some 35,000 – gathered along the shore of northwest Alaska at the ... Read More »

Studies Reveal Major Solar Energy Growth in Next 20 Years

solar PV growing

– GUEST BLOG BY CYNTHIA HILL OF PV SOLAR REPORT –  Solar market studies are popping up everywhere, and apparently, things have never been better. In an online presentation, power and energy market research company Frost & Sullivan revealed that global solar energy usage will more than quadruple by 2030. Another study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) ... Read More »

Utility Partner: Vernon Electric Cooperative

Vernon Community Solar Farm

A Midwestern state still heavily dependent on fossil fuels, Wisconsin is slowly transitioning to renewable energy. America’s Dairyland now ranks fifth in the nation for clean energy jobs, reports Environment Wisconsin, illustrating how solar energy can represent “a bright spot in a dim economy.” Wisconsin’s luster became a few shades brighter this year with the addition of two large-scale solar projects—one being ... Read More »

London’s Iconic Phone Booths Transformed into Solar Charging Stations


– ARTICLE BY MATT HICKMAN OF MOTHER NATURE NETWORK –  The brainchild of two young entrepreneurs, this solar-powered adaptive reuse project can service up to 100 mobile devices daily. The red telephone box, an instantly recognizable but increasingly obsolete fixture around London, has been treated to a bittersweet yet highly apropos makeover that’s sure to leave those longing for the ... Read More »

Unlimited Free Solar Energy?

unlimited solar power

– ARTICLE BY OF RONALD BAILEY OF REASON –  “Despite the skepticism of experts and criticism by naysayers, there is little doubt that we are heading into an era of unlimited and almost free clean energy,” the Stanford technology maven Vivek Wadhwa declared in the Washington Post last month. The technology that most inspires his enthusiasm is solar energy—and while solar isn’t close to “almost free” ... Read More »

Net-Zero Neighborhoods Gaining Traction

net-zero community

The largest net-zero neighborhood in North America will be constructed more than a mile above sea level. All 308 houses in the Geos Neighborhood in Arvada, Colo. will harness sunlight and the earth’s core to generate as much energy as the homes consume. But before the solar and geothermal technology comes into play, the design of these cottages and multi-family ... Read More »

New York’s Bold Plan to Expand Solar Power

New York

– ARTICLE BY KATIE VALENTINE OF THINKPROGRESS –- New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reported a ramp-up in his state’s solar capacity, an announcement that rounded out a big week for the state’s environmental initiatives. The governor announced new NY-Sun awards for large solar electric projects that will increase the solar capacity in New York State by 68 percent, or more ... Read More »

A Bounty of Shared Solar

autumn community solar

– ARTICLE BY LAUREL PASSERA OF IREC – I always enjoy learning obscure terms for collective nouns (a convocation of eagles, a bloat of hippopotamuses) so I wonder if we could coin a good term for a collection of shared solar programs? A ‘bounty’ perhaps? Whatever we call it, the collection of programs continues to grow year after year. If ... Read More »

Art Snarski


Located along the Connecticut River, the artsy town of Dummerston, Vermont is characterized by black birch, paper birch and white pine trees. Although this rural New England town is bursting with natural beauty, the tree shading makes it difficult for rooftop solar. “I would have had to ask my neighbors to cut their trees, and that would interfere with our ... Read More »